Get the Right Unit Sized - Save $$$$

Visit our 24/7 Customer Service Center to find out the right size storage unit for your needs. Using touch screen technology, simply press the "New Customers" bar. You'll find an "Estimator" bar which will allow you to scroll through various size units providing you with a brief description regarding what that unit size typically will hold.

Here's another advantage to storing with us. We have built "high profile" type buildings as opposed to the typical flat roof self-storage facilities you may have seen or used in the past. A high profile building simply means that you have higher ceilings allowing you to stack more items thus saving you $$$. Another way to look at it? You get more space for your dollar.

Create an Inventory List -

It is always a good idea to create a list of the items you are storing. Keeping this list at home or at work allows you to quickly "remember" what you have stored saving a time consuming trip to personally find out what is in your storage unit.

An inventory list is handy should a disaster occur. Remember, insuring your property is your responsibility. You should contact your insurance agent to assure yourself that your property is insured. If your policy does not presently have this feature, your agent can add it for a very minimal cost.

Use High Quality Locks -

We do our best to provide a lot of security for our customers. Things like security fencing, access controlled gates and video surveillance cameras to monitor visitors. When it comes to the lock you choose to put on your door, we advise purchasing a high quality lock. Look for locks that cannot easily be cut with a bolt cutter or otherwise. At Machesney Mini Warehouses, we do have available the Chateau X Type lock (pictured at the right) for just $9.95. Purchase it at the 24/7 Customer Service Center or stop into our office during regular business hours. The Chateau X Type Lock is all stainless steel featuring anti-pick pins, a keyhole cover to keep the elements out and comes with two folding keys. The Chateau X Type Lock has a lifetime warranty included. We think it one of the best locks on the market!

Packing Tips -

Visit a nearby hardware store or Menard's, Home Depot or Lowes where you will find a wide assortment of cardboard boxes to handle all of your storage needs. You'll also be able to pick-up tape, string or nuggets used for storing your fragile valuables. They have a selection of mattress covers and furniture covers to make sure your possessions are stored properly. A few steps in advance will prevent unwanted future surprises.