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5X10 Same as above, except 50 sq. ft., ceiling

10X10 Household items, furniture, appliances, 100 sq. ft.

10X15 Will hold furnishings of a one bedroom apartment; 150 sq. ft.

10X20 Will accommodate a vehicle and garage items or furnishings of a small home of two bedroom apartment; 200 sq. ft.


10X30 "Drive thru" unit with doors on both ends; will hold 2 small cars, a boat and a trailer, large car and garbage items, larger house or 3 bedroom apartment; 300 sq. ft.

Get the ideal storage solution that been looking for. No matter what your storage requirements are, we're ready to serve you. Store your vehicles, furniture, appliances, household items and more. Get competitive prices based on your short term or long term rentals.

Our 9 sizes of storage units are convenient, secure, and backed with reliable service.

Allow us to serve you with our 15 years of storage experience. Get 24-hour access.